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Resource Review Policy & Procedure  

This Policy and Procedure documents the required need to review resources utilised in the delivery of the RTO's training and assessment services. Its policy and procedure focuses on a resources review for new course development and an annual current scope review ensures that the RTO's resources are current sufficient and effective

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Competency Record Form  

A competency record form is used to record the results of assessment at unit of competency level and includes referencing for the types of assessment and the review of the rules of evidence.The table format includes sign off for the trainer and learner and also a third party supervisor.

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Industry Engagement Report Form  

The industry engagement report will allow the RTO's management and staff to record actual activities within the process of gaining feedback and support for their training and assessment strategies,resources and the industry currency of training staff. Please also refer to the additional Industry engagement survey as a useful tool for usage within this key STN 1.5-1.6 process.

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Learner Support Policy  

This specific policy and procedure is designed to capture the varying aspects of supporting learners in the various stages of pre-enrolment and course completion and provides clear advice for all of the RTO's staff and clients. The generic policy and procedure is supported by a list of agencies engaged in the provision of learner support services such as LL&N and specific learning needs that an RTO may refer students to for additional learner needs assistance.

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Qualification Issuance Policy Procedure with templates  

Suitable for NVR or AQTF RTO requirements this  Policy and Procedure and suite of certification templates is designed to  keep the RTO’s certificates ,statements of attainment  and qualifications in alignment with the requirements of the most recent AQF & NQC / NSSC Guidelines and includes procedures for issuance revocation. A separate policy for the usage of National and state logo’s usage is included. The certification templates include AQF Qualifications, Statements of Attainment and Record of Results. Purchase and download online now.

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Relevant Legislation Policy and Procedure  

The Relevant Legislation Policy and Procedure develops the RTO's obligation to comply with relevant legislation and regulatory requirements.The procedure includes annual review and access and information procedures for RTO staff and students.

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Special Purpose - Invoice Purchase  

Special Invoice

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Training and Assessment Strategy - Template  

This template has been developed for the purpose of documenting an RTO's strategies for training and assessment. Whether a full qualification, skills set or stand alone unit of competency,the table format in word is accompanied by a PDF that provides useful tips on developing a Training and Assessment Strategy.

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VET Quality Framework Self Assessment Tool  

The VET Quality Framework self assessment tool is designed for usage by NVR RTO's requiring to undertake a review of their compliance with the VET Quality Framework. The strategy includes policies and procedures for review and check list tools for the following aspects of the VET Quality Framework.

  • Standards for NVR Registered RTO's
  • Australian Qualifications Framework
  • Fit and Proper Persons Requirements
  • Financial Viability Risk Assessment Requirements
  • Data Provision Requirements

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