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Audit Answers

A cloud based QMS, LMS and SMS for RTOs and Organisations that deliver training.

For those RTOs wanting to maintain audit readiness and quality outcomes for their clients,Audit answers provides an efficient Cloud based solution. Accessible anywhere via Internet login, Audit Answers affords the RTOs compliance and quality management systems to be managed with minimum effort.  

With a 'Compliance Review Checklist' for each Standard and a Review Calendar driving the RTO's ongoing Quality management, that nagging doubt about your Audit readiness will be removed.                                                                                      


A Complete Education Management System solution for RTOs

Audit Answers includes an easy to use AVETMISS Compliant Student Management System with USI with Web service capabilities for requesting verifying USIs from the USI Registrar.

Audit Answers includes a Learning Management System( LMS) for Online Training Delivery.

Its OK if you already have your Student Management System already in place because clients of Audit Answers have the option of switching off our Student Management System and just running the RTO Management System.

Audit Answers Features

A full subscription includes:

  • RTO Management System (Customisable Generic Policies and Procedures- aligned to the 'Standards for RTOs 2015')
  • Student Management System (AVETMISS Compliant & USI Ready for Web services)
  • Learning Management System (Upload training content i.e. Video, Audio, Text, Pics, PDF & Word files)
  • Assessment System (Separate system for managing Assessment Validation)
  • Continuous Improvement Schedule (editable Review calendar for 12 months planning)

RTO Management System (Polices and Procedures)

With a strong focus on simplifying continuous improvement and quality assurance, Audit Answers offers an easy to use Online RTO Management System that references directly to the New standards for RTOs 2015. Purchase of the 'Audit Answers' Product  will see the Training Provider gaining a comprehensive suite of Generic Policies, Procedures and forms that are quickly customised to your own business operations and readily adapted to the required training business context. 

We remain available for any post purchase questions during uptake.

Let us show you how it works. For an online demonstration:

Phone: 0408725940

Or alternatively visit our dedicated 'Audit Answers' website at

Designed to provide Quality Management approaches the RTO Management System includes documents and procedures for:

Management Team meeting policy Continuous Improvement Schedule
Learning and Assessment Strategies Partnering Agreements
Professional Development Partnering Register
Professional Development Schedule Image Use Form
Client Feedback Independent Adjudicator Report
Provision of Information Staff Manual
Access & Equity Strategy Staff Induction
Complaints and Appeals Policies and Procedures Receipt
Internal Audits Management Meeting Minutes form
RPL Policy and Procedures Employer Survey
RPL Process Log Industry Survey
Records Management Assessor Survey
Version Log Quality Assurance Checklist
Staff Induction Assessment Validation Checklist
Financial Management Assessment Validation Policy
Qualification Issuance Assessment Checklist Tools
Recognition of AQF Qualifications Assessment Validation Report
National and State Logo usage Marketing and Advertising
Risk Management and Identification Code of Practice
 Relevant Legislations Policy  Learner Support Policy
 Validation Schedule  Validation Meeting Report
 Transition and Teach Out Policy  Staff Appraisal Strategy

Student Management System

A USI Ready, AVETMISS compliant, student management system that provides the RTO with the required student reporting for AVETMISS, CCOS, CQR 

Features include:

- Email clients for Online AVETMISS Enrolment completion (reduce double handling)
- Enrolment completion email alerts
- Student search and edit
- USI ready with Web service functionality (USI creation requests,verification,and batching)
- Single action data exporting for AVETMISS CCOS and CQR

Subscribers can choose the option of switching off the SMS if they already have a SMS and pay a lesser subscription.

Continuous Improvement Review Schedule

A Continuous Improvement Review Calendar that provides a planned, purposeful and repeatable approach to managing and reviewing the RTO’s quality assurance measures and outcomes.

A full schedule of customisable review meeting agendas to provide a proactive continuous improvement system that also allows team participation and review task completion. Edit, reschedule or adjust the frequency of the RTO’s management meetings and review cycles to suit the RTO’s quality assurance needs.

Assessment System

Policies Procedures and Forms for managing Assessment Validation Tasks and Records.

With Standard 1.8 of the new RTO Standards now requiring the implementation of an ‘Assessment System’, Audit Answers features a dedicated suite of policies, procedures and forms designed to guide the RTO’s quality assurance of its assessment approaches, providing for retrievable records for future review and audit referencing.

Features include:

- Assessment system guidelines
- Training and assessment strategy review
- Assessment validation procedures and forms
- Resources review and forms
- Pre assessment information checklists
- Assessment reporting procedures and forms
- Assessment appeals procedures and forms

- Training package transition review procedures and forms