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CRICOS Management System

Adopting our Cloud based RTO / CRICOS Management System 'Audit Answers'   saves the new or existing training provider countless hours of development or RTO Registration Project downtime.

'Audit Answers' is a Cloud based  RTO Policies Procedures and Student Management System solution for RTOs (all in one dashboard) Our CRICOS version of 'Audit Answers' includes Generic Policy and Procedures for managing an RTOs compliance with the Standards for RTOs 2015, National Code 2018, ESOS Act and TPS responsabilites.

The Complete Package

'Audit Answers' also includes an easy to use AVETMISS Compliant Student Management System with USI Web service capabilities for requesting and verifying USIs direct from the USI Registrar.

Its ok if you already have your Student Management System already in place because clients of Audit Answers have the option of switching off our Student Management System and just running the RTO/CRICOS Management System.


The RTO / CRICOS Management System includes policies and procedures and forms for:

Marketing and Advertising Complaints & Appeals
Enrolment Independent Adjudication
Student Fees &Refunds Monitoring Enrolment Loads
Letter of offer and acceptance Course Progress
Letter of release Course Credits
Notice of intention to report Course Deferment Suspension
& Cancelation
Education Agents Staff Induction & PD
Orientation Program Resources Inventory
Student Support Services International Student Prospectus
Critical Incidents CEO Duty Statement
Critical Incidents form Student Handbook Addendum
Student Transfer Staff and Trainers Handbook


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