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Ordering RTO/SMS & CRICOS Management Systems from RTO Answers requires that the purchaser establish their RTO name and RTO registration number.

This identifying information will allow Existing RTO’s to access any relevant discounts or special offers. Relevant discounts and special offers will apply to each order based on the Home Page 'Current Discounts'  information.

Completing the ordering information below will result in the RTO being sent a Tax Invoice and a Software Licence Agreement via email. On receipt of the subscription payment additional information will be requested so as to facilitate and supply the access logins.


Audit Answers - RTO/SMS Management System Annual Subscription
$2000.00 + GST
Existing RTO discount $1500.00 + GST Discount is not applicable to purchase of either RTO Management System alone or Student Management System alone. In each case a $1000.00+GST Annual Subscription is payable for each.

CRICOS Management System
$2000.00 + GST
Existing RTO discount $1000.00 + GST

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