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Copyright and Usage Agreement

1. Terms of the Agreement

RTO Answers Pty Ltd as copyright holder, in return of the prescribed fee, hereby grantspermission to: The Purchasing Organisation To reprint, publish and use for its own registered RTO management requirements, the purchased product from the RTO Answers product rangeunder the following conditions of usage.

2. Copyright Material

RTO Answers Pty Ltd products arecopyright.Apart from any use permitted under the Copyright Act 1968, no part may bereproduced by any process, nor may any other exclusive right be exercised, normay it be used for the purpose of profit or on selling as a management tool normay it be given or shared with any other party not directly engaged in theservice of the purchasing organisation .

3. Usage Rights

Further to the above copyright arrangements 'RTOAnswers Pty Ltd' permits the usage of RTO Answers contained in its Electronicand Hardcopy property to be used by each business that purchases the usagerights. Usage rights will include all necessary copying of the materials inwhole or part and amendment for usage within the purchasers own RTO Managementneeds.

4. Partnering Agreements

Usage rights shall includeextension of use to the purchasers’ partnering
organizations, whilst apartnering agreement is in place. The person or entity that has usage rightsmust
ensure that where a partnering agreement is dissolved, that all access to RTOAnswers Pty Ltd Products is removed from the Partnering Organisation and that allElectronic and Hardcopy versions of the ‘RTO Answers Management System’ orproducts are removed from the partneringorganisations possession.

5. Term of Agreement

This agreement shall be enforceable whilst RTO Answers Pty Ltd productsare in use by the purchaser or partnering organisation.

6. Disclaimer

RTO Answers Pty Ltd or its officers accepts no liability to any person or organisation for any direct errors or omissions, incidental or consequential damages resulting from the use of its products or services.

7. RTO Answers Pty Ltd does not provide a refund for purchases where a product has been provided in working order.

8. Governing law

The Governing law for this agreement shall be the laws of Western Australia and all disputes arising from this agreement shall be settled in Western Australia.

9. Copyright agreement acceptance

I hereby confirm that I have read this agreement and understood the implications of the agreement with RTO Answers Pty Ltd prior to my purchasing RTO Answers Pty Ltd Products